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We carry over 700 different types of flower and vegetable seeds. Fresh, viable and non-GMO seeds.  Our goal is to help you grow flowers with many or your favorite colors, scents, and sizes. Click the SHOP button to view our seed selections!


Seeds require a certain temperature in order to germinate. Each plant has a specific optimum and a range within which germination will occur. The closer the temperature is to optimum the quicker germination will occur. Most seeds germinate when the soil temperature is between 68 and 86 degrees F. Once germination occurs, the optimum growing temperature for the seedling is about 10 degrees F cooler than the optimum germination temperature.



Perennials. They need at least one year to exhibit growth and should bloom in their 2nd year.  Plant in Spring after last Frost or Fall after first frost so your seeds don't germinate and freeze.  They will germinate in the Spring!
Perennials will reward you with years and years of color.  Annuals provide you with quick (60-90 days) blooms throughout Spring, Summer and Fall! 
Not every species in your mixture will grow.  These mixes are designed to work with Zones 2-10 and seeds are carefully selected so many of them will work in those areas.


Should you plant flower seeds in the fall?


Fall is the perfect time to plant wildflowers. You'll follow Mother Nature's cycle - flowers naturally drop their seeds in the fall, and they overwinter, then germinate and bloom in spring. Fall planting is an especially good time to plant in areas where you want to conserve water.

We sell fresh, ready to grow, non GMO heirloom flower seeds and wildflower seed mixes! Our Guarantee: Mother Nature's Seeds sells the finest and freshest seeds in the industry. All we sell is 100% pure seed: no additives, no fillers…EVER! As such, our germination rates far exceed government standards, and when planted according to recognized practices, should provide lasting and satisfying results for years to come.

Poppies. Growing Poppy from Seed

If you love gorgeous flowers, consider growing poppies in your home garden. Blooming early in the growing season, they definitely steal the show.. Poppy is the common name for plants in the Papaveraceae family. Within this group there are annuals, perennials and biennials. They include oriental poppies, field poppies, California poppies and more. 

Large-flowered oriental poppies are the most popular poppy to grow. They have hairy flower stems and foliage. Flower petals can be ruffled, crimped or shaggy, and range in colour from white to pink, purple and red. They can measure about 15cm across.
Other popular poppies to grow include field poppy, Papaver rhoeas, and Papaver somniferum for beautiful unique flowers.

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