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  • Mother Nature's Seeds

    SHOP Login Poppies. Growing Poppy from Seed If you love gorgeous flowers, consider growing poppies in your home garden. They include oriental poppies, field poppies, California poppies and more. Large-flowered oriental poppies are the most popular poppy to grow. Popular Poppies Lauren's Grape Danish Flag Hungarian Breadseed Hens & Chicks Oriental Poppy - Prince

  • Mother Nature's Seeds

    Flower Borage Butterfly Milkweed Calendula Celosia Creeping Thyme Cosmos Coreopsis Daisy California Poppies Coneflower Creeping Thyme Cornflower Columbine Four O'clock Flax Forget-Me-Not Foxglove Lavender Poppies Sunflowers Gayfeather Hollyhock Lupine Marigolds Morning Glory Nasturtium Penstemon Phlox Poppies Snapdragon

  • COLD STRATIFICATION | Mother Natures Seeds

    If you are planting poppies direct sowing is recommended in late fall or early spring for zones 2-8 Create ), Leontopodium (Edelweiss), Lewisia, Ligularia, Lobelia, Lysimachia (Loosestrife), Macleaya (Plume Poppy

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