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Plant Blooms For Birds

It's easy to plan for a beneficial garden or wildflower meadow that provides habitat for birds. If you’re trying to incorporate more native plants in your garden, why not choose varieties that satisfy both needs? If you grow it they will come!

Black Eyed Susan Seeds
Blanket Flower Seeds
Cornflower or Bachelor Button Seeds
Borage Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Foxglove Seeds
Gloriosa Daisy Seeds
Indian Blanket Seeds
Maximilian Sunflower Seeds
Perennial Lupine Seeds
Purple Coneflower Seeds
Purple Coneflower, also called Echinacea, is famous across the country for its stunning purple flowers and golden center cones. A perennial butterfly and bee magnet, this native wildflower is extremely easy to grow and looks equally at home in the garden, meadow, or vase. Leave your Purple Coneflower planting in place over the winter to attract goldfinches and other songbirds. 100% pure, non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free seeds are guaranteed to grow.
Russell Lupine Seed Mix
Tall Mardi Gras Sunflower Seed Mix
Yellow Black Eyed Susan Seeds, Rudbeckia hirta

.......more coming .. new page - look daily for new and exciting info and seeds for sale!

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