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Bring On The Butterflies
Plant perennials & wildflowers seeds with a range of bloom times, from early spring through fall, to keep butterflies fed all season. Be sure to include native ornamental grasses, which provide habitat for many caterpillars, too.

Attract and support birds & pollinators by planting vital wildflowers
Many gardeners are enthusiastically doing their part to support declining pollinator populations by planting nectar-rich wildflowers and host plants, in efforts to provide food and habitat. You can help feed your favorite butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and more by choosing to plant varieties attractive to pollinators. From our popular Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix to our Monarch Butterfly Mixes our Regional Pollinator Mixtures and over 200 individual wildflowers, we make it easy to do good through gardening. 
All the seed we carry at Mother Nature's Seeds is Non-GMO, Pure Seed and Guaranteed to Grow!

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