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Natural Wild Flower Seeds

Whether you have a big empty space in your yard, or a small patch in a little back garden, the solution to getting an almost maintenance free patch of wonderful colors is to spread wild flower seeds. In today's world, you can get seeds shipped to you from all over the world. Not all will thrive well in your climate, so attention has to be paid to the needs of every wild flower mix. Nevertheless, you can create a carpet of color with relatively little effort.

When deciding on wild flower seeds, the first thing to consider is the amount of sunlight it will get, and choose the flowers accordingly. Sun loving flowers will not do well between trees, and shade loving wild flowers won't do well in the blazing desert sun.

The biggest decision will have to make will be what kind of pattern, if any, should you give your garden? Should you plant in patches of colors or use a mixture of seeds and let nature take it's course? The jury is still out. You can do whatever pleases your eye.

Preparing the soil is very important when thinking of using wild flower seeds. To enable the seeds to germinate, the area should be clean of weeds and surface roots. If you like to, you can use pesticides. It will kill the weeds, but will stay in the ground.

You could turn the soil over and clear it by hand, if the area is not to big, or you can cover the area with plastic sheeting for about two weeks and let the sun bake the weeds away and the plastic prevent the top layer from getting any moisture.

When that is done, all you have to do is create grooves with a rake, and water the area thoroughly. Mix the wildflower seeds with some soil, soil being twice as much as the seeds, and sow. Keep the wildflower seeds hydrated until they germinate and grow a stalk. Now you can put the watering on a schedule and step back and enjoy watching them grow. From now on water will be all the wildflowers will need.

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