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Tomato HILLBILLY (Potato Leaf) Indeterminate Heirloom BEEFSTEAK 1 lb Non-GMO 30 Seeds!

Open Pollinated Indeterminate Heirloom Non-GMO

100% Pure Seed – No Filler – Non-GMO



  • About Tomato Seeds - Hillbilly (Potato Leaf)
  • Lycopersicon esculentum
  • SEED TYPE: Heirloom
  • PLANT TYPE: Indeterminate
  • Grow Heirloom Tomatoes - Hillbilly Tomato Seeds.
  • Proud gardeners of West Virginia can claim the Hillbilly Tomato as their own, as they have produced a fine example of a beefsteak-type fruit.
  • Orange-yellow streaks through red mottled skin, this one is great for generating big, juicy, sweet slices with low acidity. A great addition to your heirloom garden.
  • Streaked in oranges, yellows and red, even more beautiful sliced
  • Indeterminate; Heirloom
  • Beefsteak Style; Originated in West. VA; Juicy, Sweet Flavor with Low Acidity
  • Yields Until Frost; Prefers Full Sun Exposure



  • LIFE CYCLE: Annual
  • PLANTING SEASON: Warm Season
  • FRUIT SIZE: 1 pound
  • GROWTH HABIT: Multi-Branching, Spreading, Upright
  • PLANT CHARACTERISTICS: Easy to Grow & Maintain, Fast Growing
  • USE: Culinary
  • HARVEST ADVANTAGES: High Yielding, Slicing

Tomato HILLBILLY Potato Leaf Indeterminate Heirloom Beefsteak Non-GMO 30 Seeds

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