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LOOPY Lupine Mix 7 Species of Wildflower Seeds Annual/Perennial Non-GMO 50 Seeds

100% Pure Seed – Non-GMO – Fresh Seed – Safe Seed Pledge



  • Russell Lupine
  • Arroyo Lupine
  • Wild Perennial Lupine
  • Dwarf Lupine (Pixie)
  • Pygmy Leaf Lupine
  • Sky Lupine
  • Yellow Lupine



  • "Loopy" Lupine Flower Seed Mix
  • Lupine lovers are a special breed, and we’ve created this mix just for them.
  • It’s chock full of all the favorites such as Wild Perennial Lupine, Russel Lupine, and Arroyo Lupine, as well as some of the more obscure varieties.
  • A must for enthusiasts of this proud and majestic flower.
  • Suitable for all regions of North America.
  • *Seed scarification advised for lupine seeds (Nicking or scaring seeds with hard seed coatings before planting helps the seeds absorb water. After scarification soak seeds in water overnight before planting. This will jump-start germination and get your garden growing faster.)



  • Name: Loopy Lupine Flower Seed Mix
  • Number of Species: 7
  • Mix Contents: Russell Lupine, Arroyo Lupine, Wild Perennial Lupine, Dwarf Lupine (Pixie), Pygmy Leaf Lupine, Sky Lupine, Yellow Lupine
  • Life Cycle:   70% Annual, 30% Perennial
  • Light Requirement:  Full Sun
  • Planting Season:     Spring, Fall
  • Features:  Attracts Pollinators, Easy to Grow & Maintain
  • Color: Mixed
  • Blooms: Summer, Fall
  • Plant Height: 25+ inches
  • Plant Spacing: n/a
  • Planting Depth: 1/2 inch
  • Sowing Method: Direct Sow
  • Cold Stratification: No
  • Hardiness Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Ships: Year Round

Lupine LOOPY MIX Fall Planting Hummingbirds Annual Perennial Non-GMO 100 Seeds

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  • Returns accepted within 30 days. Product must be in the same condition it was shipped in.  Buyer pays shipping.

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