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Herb DILL Medicinal Culinary Black Swallowtail Butterfly Host Plant Non-GMO 200 Seeds

Non-GMO Fresh Pure Seed!



  • Dill is an annual that has been used as a medicinal and culinary herb for millennia.
  • 30-36" High.
  • Both seeds and leaves are utilized and have a soft, sweet flavor. Leaves are finely divided and feathery looking, and when they are cut and dried are referred to as dill weed.
  • Dill weed has a more mellow flavor than dill seeds.
  • The yellow flowers occur in umbels and can be used for cutting.
  • Certain swallowtail butterflies will use Dill as a host plant.
  • Culinary uses: garnish, eggs, potatoes, pasta salads, fish, seafood, pickling, salad dressings and sauces.
  • Stand-out in our trials
  • Slower to bolt than other dill varieties
  • Delicately flavored, tender foliage
  • Easy to grow
  • Use seeds for dill pickles, green beans and dips
  • Use leaves for seasoning eggs, salads and meats
  • Popular in German, Russian and Scandinavian cuisines.



  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Anethum graveolens
  • COLOR(S: Yellow
  • SEED TYPE: Annual
  • SUN: Full Sun
  • MOISTURE: Dry, Moderate
  • HEIGHT (IN.): 30
  • HERBAL USES: Culinary, Medicinal

Herb DILL Culinary Black Swallowtail Butterfly Host Plant Non-GMO 200 Seeds

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