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Cosmos GLORIA 3-5’ Tall

Huge Blooms 

Magenta Center Non-GMO 100 Seeds

100% Pure Seed – No Filler – Non GMO



  • "Gloria" is a big winner in the cosmos hybrid sweepstakes, since it is classic cosmos pink with magenta flames at the center, which replicates many people's favorite bi-color break from the old colors.
  • This color combo was often seen in the old mixtures of pink, white and maroon, and now it's yours on plants just 3 to 5 ft. tall.
  • Like all the others, it's a snap to grow from seed, and you'll have big bloom from midsummer right up until frost.


The Cosmos Craze: New rage for an old favorite. When it comes to annuals, probably no plant adds more color than cosmos. Your grandmother grew it, today states plant masses along roadsides, and everybody loves it. (Birds love it too, especially goldfinches.) But there's always been one big problem--it's tall, sometimes very tall--up to 6 or 7 feet.

In the right setting, say a wildflower meadow in late summer, nothing's more beautiful than a sea of these big ferny plants waving in the wind, loaded with big blooms in pink, white and maroon. But in gardens, most people prefer shorter flowers. So for awhile, some relegated the "tall" cosmos to the group that's usually called "old fashioned flowers"--beautiful, surely, but a bit tall and rangy for our more sophisticated flower borders today.

Enter the hybridizers. With all that color and such ease of care to work with, they have had a heyday with cosmos. Today, there are all sorts of variations on the originals, some with new-style flowers, and others with simply the classic blooms on shorter plants. All require full sun, and are among the simplest plants on the planet to grow from seed. By the way, even the seeds of cosmos are distinctive; they look like miniature pine needles.

Cosmos GLORIA 3-5’ Tall Huge Flower Blooms Magenta Center Non-GMO 100 Seeds

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