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Sweet JOE PYE WEED Perennial Deer/Rabbit Resistant Partial Shade 300 Seeds

No Fillers – Pure Seed – Non-GMO – Safe Seed Pledge



  • Sweet Joe Pyeweed is a perennial from the Midwest and eastern U.S. that grows up to seven feet tall.
  • The fluffy, pinkish-purple flower clusters appear from late summer to early fall and have a delightful vanilla-like scent.
  • Habitats include open woods, thickets, woodland borders, and partially shaded streambanks with moist to mesic soils.
  • This species tolerates more shade than other species of Joe Pyeweeds and is ideal in areas with partial shade or dappled sunlight.
  • The flowers are a favorite nectar source for monarchs, swallowtails and many other butterfly species.
  • Nectar also attracts bumblebees, long-horned bees, and leaf-cutting bees. 
  • Recommended for pollinator conservation and shaded rain gardens and bioswales.



  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eutrochium purpureum
  • COLOR(S): Pink
  • SEED TYPE: Perennial
  • SUN: Partial Shade, Shade
  • MOISTURE: Moderate, Moist
  • HEIGHT (IN.): 48-84
  • BLOOM PERIOD: Summer-Fall
  • SOIL: Rich soil, ample water.
  • ZONES: 3-8
  • Flowers are nectar rich; among the best blooms for attracting butterflies.
  • Hummingbirds also love them.
  • Flowers are excellent cut for fresh or dried arrangements.
  • Plants are rabbit and deer resistant.

Sweet JOE PYE WEED Perennial Fall Planting Sun/Partial Shade 300 Seeds

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