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NEMATODE CONTROL Mix French Marigold 200 Seeds

Non-GMO - Tagetes Patula French Marigold Seeds Beneficial Plant


  • 100% Pure Seed, No Fillers
  • Suitable for ALL USDA Zones



Marigold Nematode Control Mix

  • These charming, bright and easy growing flowers bloom all summer long while working hard just underneath the soil improving the fertility and reducing destructive inhabitants.
  • An effective for control of root knot and other plant-parasitic nematodes in the home garden.
  • In India, marigolds have been used for this purpose for hundreds of years.
  • Marigold roots release the chemical alpha-terthienyl, one of the strongest naturally occurring compounds and is nematocidal, insecticidal and antiviral.
  • This naturally released chemical inhibits the hatching of nematode eggs.
  • This process is called allelopathy - the ability of an organism to produce chemicals that are toxic to other organisms.
  • Nematode Control Marigold was developed for the control of nematodes in crop fields and is a good alternative to chemical nematicides and fumigants.
  • The most effective treatment is planting marigolds as a cover crop prior to planting the garden.
  • Nematode infestation can lead to millions of dollars in damage every year.
  • Typical crops that can benefit from Nematode Control Marigold include potato, tomato, tobacco, curcurbits, soybean and squash.
  • The Marigold cover crop should be grown prior to planting the cash crop and tilled into the soil as a green manure.
  • In areas with short growing seasons, the Marigold should be grown as a cover crop the previous season.
  • Inter-planting or companion planting can work with lighter nematode pressures.
  • French marigolds originated in Mexico, where their blossoms captivated the Spanish who brought seeds back to Spain in the 1500's.
  • The French promptly fell in love with them and began breeding for more colors and stronger aromas.
  • From there, they traveled from garden to garden wherever European travelers went.
  • Uses
  • The dried and ground flower petals are a popular spice in the Georgian Republic, being compared to saffron for its bright, distinctive yellow/orange color.
  • The spice gives a unique, earthy flavor to Georgian dishes and is often paired with cinnamon and cloves.
  • Marigold flowers are harvested annually and fed to laying hens to give the yolks a deeper golden color.
  • A more important benefit is that the pigment of the petals contains beneficial components.



  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tagetes patula
  • TYPE: Annual
  • DAYS TO GERMINATION: 4-14 days @ 70-75F
  • SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Well drained soil
  • PLANT SPACING:12-18"
  • STATUS: Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
  • COLOR(S): Orange
  • MOISTURE: Dry, Moderate
  •  HEIGHT (IN.): 30-40
  •  BLOOM PERIOD: Summer-Fall
  •  Cover Crop, Deer Resistant, Marigolds

Marigold NEMATODE CONTROL MIX Beneficial HEIRLOOM TALL Edible Non-GMO 200 Seeds

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